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Treat a friend to one of our Beer Knights events. Enjoy a tutored tasting of six half-pints of Steam Town Brew Co beer. 

The beers will be poured and introduced to you one at a time (no rush) and discussed and tasted with our brewers, David and Catherine. 

David and Catherine have all the knowledge about the different beers/recipes and how they came about.

At the start of the session, you'll choose a burger meal for dinner (normally served about 8.30pm), and either just before or after eating, we'll take you on a brewery tour starting in the yard and the grain store. 

You'll get to chew some malts, move into the brewhouse and gain an insight into the intricacies of the brewing process. We'll then return back to the event space to continue tasting our different brews.

One voucher admits one person for a single session: 7pm-10pm, on the last Tuesday of the month.